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Mental Health in Lockdown

Over this past year we've been so humbled and grateful to support our Yoga community here in Wollongong and to have found ourselves a position to share some of the tools and wisdom that we have been able to lean into through all of the good times and tough times alike.

We've also learned the importance of the word "AND". We're grateful for so much, AND it is also a tough time for many navigating the circumstances of the global pandemic and restrictions that have changed day to day life so significantly. Those two emotions can coexist simultaneously within us without one contradicting the other.

In this conversation we chat to clinical psychologist Maddy about what challenges people might be experiencing in lockdown and what things we can all do to look after ourselves in this situation.

We hope you find some helpful insights, tools, tips or even just some validation that all of the feels are real, and perfectly normal.

(you might wanna make a cuppa and set aside some time for this one! We chatted a bit longer than planned! 😘)

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