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Deepen your practice and expand your knowledge of Yoga through our interactive Yoga Philosophy Courses online.

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Learn the philosophy and tools of Yoga that facilitate growth, transformation, and connection in your life.

Yoga has existed for thousands of years as a vast body of wisdom, philosophy, tools, and practices intended to create, peace, balance, harmony, and connection. Take the lessons of Yoga off the mat, and into your Life.

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Living Yoga Off the Mat

Discover how the ancient and profound teachings of Yoga have helped Yogis for thousands of years to handle the various challenges and complexities of life with grace and harmony.

Yoga of the Mind

The benefits of meditation are numerous. Dive into one of the most widely studied and influential texts, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and discover the path of Yoga through meditation.

Yoga of the Body

Have you ever wondered why we move the way we move, or breathe the way we breathe in Yoga? Discover the path of Yoga using the body as a means to transcend perceived limitations.

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Community Discussions

With your online courses you will have access to an online community where you can ask questions, engage in discussions, and join live virtual events to continue learning and deepen your understanding.

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Certificate of Completion

You will receive a certificate of completion from Flow Collective Yoga for each course you complete on the learning platform or mobile app. We'll help you out along the way with scheduled online check-ins and discussions to keep you on track and moving forward.

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