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Vinyasa Yoga Foundations Course in January!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

If you practice Yoga in Wollongong, or are interested in getting into it for the first time, we are announcing a new Vinyasa Yoga Foundations course with Lisa Considine starting 4th January 2021 at the Bulli Surf Club. Kick start the new year by coming back to the basics of foundational alignment and mindfulness.

wollongong yoga course

Whether you are new to Yoga or are interested in fine tuning your practice, this course will deepen your understanding of the postures and concepts that you find in Vinyasa Yoga classes. The four included sessions will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6pm from Monday 4th to Wednesday 13th of January.

Included with the course are 4 sessions:

6pm - Monday 4th January

6pm - Wednesday 6th January

6pm - Monday 11th January

6pm - Wednesday 13th January

In these classes you will be carefully guided through a gentle warm-up, focusing on your breath and being present in your body. You will learn foundational Yoga postures in a safe sequence of movements that form the basis of regular Vinyasa Yoga classes.

What to expect ...

  • Learn and deepen your knowledge of foundational Yoga postures

  • Increase awareness of your breath and discover its effect on your body and mind

  • Apply techniques that combine with movement and breath

  • Gain an understanding of alignment for postures in your unique body, and empower yourself to choose options that are best for your practice

  • Develop the skills and confidence to begin your own personal practice

  • Discover how to improve flexibility, improve sleep, and feel calmer and more energzed

The cost of this course is $80 and upon booking, you will automatically be enrolled into into all four sessions. Bookings can be made from our Events page, and Gift Certificates are available as well. This course, has you covered if you're in Wollongong and want to get started with a Yoga practice. We're at Bulli Surf Club, next to the Bulli Beach Cafe.

About Lisa Considine:

Lisa’s warm, nurturing, joyful nature is evident in her classes, never taking herself or life too seriously. In Lisa’s classes, you will find a beautiful breath centric practise with creative sequencing and mindfulness, sprinkled with some yogic philosophy.

Lisa first discovered yoga as another way to move her body. Having attended dance classes growing up, it seemed natural to progress to another way of moving. Whilst at university, Yoga became a way to escape into her own world of movement. She discovered it was a way to switch off the noise and pressures of the outside world. As her love of yoga grew, she decided to take the next step and study yoga. Lisa has been teaching yoga locally for the past two years.

Visit to book your spot.

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