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VATA Energy

Updated: Sep 2, 2021


Do you find yourself feeling restless and agitated on windy days? We get our fair share of them here in Wollongong! Ayurvedic wisdom recognises large amounts of Vata energy in windy weather...this is the energy that promotes change and movement, but if we have this in excess we feel unsettled.

The antidote? Invite some opposite energy into your day, ie. Earth 🌱 Keep yourself warm. Eat slow cooked nourishing foods. Practise grounding, Meditation. Strong, slow, mindful breath & movement.

Bulli Surf Club is heated. We fill the space with soft, warm lighting & music, and guide you into present moment and body awareness. Rug up and get yourself there and we'll do the rest 😘

Join Lana for a grounding yoga practice at 6pm tonight (4 spots left) Or Jason at 6am tmrw 🌄🐦💚

All bookings through the website

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