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Teacher Feature: Rachel Nokes

Rachel Nokes offering Yoga classes with Flow Collective Yoga

We are so excited to share that Rachel Nokes will be joining us for weekly Yoga classes in Bulli on Fridays at 7:15am.

About Rachel:

Rachel’s extensive experience as a professional counsellor and Ayurvedic practitioner and her deep passion for Yoga therapy assists her in taking a fully comprehensive approach to wellbeing. Her wide-ranging experience over the past twenty years in varying modalities means students receive an array of unique tools to suit their individual requirements for a safe and uplifting practice. In her classes at Flow Collective Yoga, you can expect a full spectrum Vinyasa practice with a deep honoring of the breath.

Yoga first came into Rachel’s life in the late 1990’s. Her search led her from the dance floor of London’s rave scene to the yoga mat. Here she fell in love with the moments of awe and serenity she experienced in the yoga practice. Her love for the practice led her to explore its roots in a trip through India. This further ignited her love affair with its history, ancient teachings, and culture.

Rachel has continued to deepen into study and her practice with annual trips to India to study with her teacher. She infuses her love for classical yoga inspired by the teachings of TVK Desikachar and Krishnamacharya with bhakti, chanting, and Ayurveda.

Book into one of Rachel's classes on our Bookings page, or find her at her own studio Ray of Light where she offers classes, courses, workshops, and Yoga teacher trainings.

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