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Surya Namaskar

Updated: Mar 19

Feeling inspired by the philosophy behind Surya Namaskar, especially on a rainy day like today! ☀️ 🌱 ✌


Surya Namaskar, or sun salutation, is a familiar sequence of postures that many have practiced. But what's the significance of a sun salutation? Is it just physical exercise? Is it some sort of worship to the sun? Surya Namaskar quite literally means organizing the solar energies within you, based on the premise that all life on this Earth is powered by the sun. The sun is the life source for everything on this planet. In everything you touch, eat, drink, and breathe there is an element of the sun.


Surya Namaskar is essentially about organizing and tuning a dimension within you to sync with the energetic cycles of the world and of the cosmos. It facilitates the balance of your inner energies, of right and left, masculine and feminine, and solar and lunar.


"Your body is like an antenna; if you hold it in the right position, it becomes receptive to all there is in existence."

- Sadhguru

Tree pose at Bulli Surf Club
Tree pose at Bulli Surf Club

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