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Teacher Feature: Lana Clementson

Originally from Sydney & mother of 2 beautiful girls, Lana has been teaching Yoga in Wollongong since 2011 and has completed multiple trainings with a number of revered teachers across range of styles. She is an experienced, well informed, confident and creative teacher.

Her Vinyasa classes involve flowing movement set to music, focus on mindfulness, strong, safe alignment and combine fun mobility challenges with the opportunity to learn, introspect and connect to the peaceful inner Self.

Lana's teachings blend a science based physical and mental health focus, traditional philosophical musings and practices which harness and balance the flow of Life Force energy in the body.

She is also known for running deep, insightful Yin Yoga, Philosophy and Yoga Nidra workshops.

Lana is currently teaching for Flow Collective at Bulli Surf Club on Wednesday evenings 6pm and Saturday mornings 9am.

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